Shop Easy & SuperValu Flyer January 5 to 11

  • Pork back Ribs: $4.99/lb
  • Fresh Chicken Legs: $2.99/lb
  • Chicken Breast: $25.99
  • Pork Chop: $2.99/lb
  • Pc Free From Sliced Bacon: $4.99
  • Pc Spring Rolls: $7.99
  • Honey BBQ Pork Back Ribs: $10.99
  • No Name Chubs 500g: $3.49
  • No Name Bologna: $3.99
  • No Name Cream Cheese: $2.99

Start Date: Jan 5, 2018 End Date: Jan 11, 2018
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    While I like the vertical view, there are times a magnified view would be handy. On this site I miss the being able to make a list as you to through and then send the choices to your own e-address like some of the other grocery flyers like TGP does. From there to your phone and out to the store. You don't forget things that way. A great way to "sell up".

    Bill Dafoe Jan 07 @ 18:12

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